Many users. One platform.

A workplace to build exceptional homes.

A platform for everyone involved in the project.

Wunderbuild has been built for you.

Builder - Residential and Light Commercial

Whether you are a custom or volume builder or working in light commercial, either way, you want to save up on time and cost to create value for your customers. Building one home or many makes no difference to the desire to ensure quality is maintained and the customer is delighted.

Wunderbuild is a sure bet.​

Project Manager

Are you working on other project types such as:

manufacturing building materials

steel fabrication

commercial windows installation or in other related areas?

Wunderbuild is flexible enough to cater to your needs.

Remodeller or Renovator

Are you in the business of renovating old homes or parts of them such as kitchens or bathrooms? Getting on top of your work is key and in Wunderbuild you have all the tools you will need.

Build better

Build faster



Are you planning to build your own home? Many have done so. It is a great experience but you will need all the help you can get. Your home is the biggest investment you are likely to make. Getting it right with the right tools is key. This is where Wunderbuild becomes a necessary partner

Wunderbuild for a hassle free building experience.

No fuss building

Stay in charge. Always!

The Subcontractor

All subcontractors are part of a building project but they can often feel not part of it. Yes, they come, do their bit and go. Others join in. Extending collaboration to include all subcontractors in:

Quoting for projects

Being part of the communication

Taking ownership of the reporting on progress

Being able to take over from others if needed

Aspiring to be

a Builder

You may be a student now and soon to start your career as a new builder. The process may be daunting or lonely. Supporting mechanisms will help you succeed and make sound decisions.

Wunderbuild is a shoo in.

Technology is now a core part of your support. Not just any technology. One that gives you all the tools for a price you can afford.

The Customer

Experience the joy of Wunderbuild.