Earn money by signing up your contacts to use Wunderbuild

Wunderbuild is a construction management software for builders, their subcontractors and wider team. The software is also used by tradespeople working on specific projects.

We don’t want to brag about how good Wunderbuild is. Just get one of your contacts to try it for free. Your business will start from there.

How does our affiliate program work?

Apply to Become An Affiliate Partner

Fill out our affiliate program application form and submit it. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. It's completely free and only takes two minutes to apply.

Get Your Affiliate Link

You will get your own unique link to share with your audience. Commissions from anyone who visits the link and purchases a subscription within 60 days will be credited to your account.

Start Earning Recurring 20% Commission

Share your link and promote through the channels available to you. As your contacts sign up and pay to use Wunderbuild, you earn your ongoing commission.

How much money can you make?

You earn your 20% recurring commission for as long as your referral continues with their subscription. With more referrals, it is easy to see how your income can grow. With only 20 referrals for our popular platinum package, you can earn $1,350 per month. If your clients are larger companies on our ultimate package, the same number of referrals earns you $1,796.40.

How do you earn 30% commission?

In order to earn a 30% commission for every paying client each month, you need to become a Channel Partner. To qualify as a Channel Partner, you must initially join as an affiliate. Based on your performance, we reserve the right to invite you to become a Channel Partner. As part of the evaluation process, you will undergo a test on your knowledge of Wunderbuild, with a pass mark of 90%. Additionally, you should demonstrate immense potential in building a growing network of satisfied customers.

As a Channel Partner, your responsibilities will include assisting clients with system navigation, conducting product demonstrations, and providing ongoing troubleshooting support. Delivering exceptional and unforgettable experiences to each client using Wunderbuild is a top priority for our Channel Partners.

Why choose to work with Wunderbuild?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have contacts among the potential users of the platform then you have a great opportunity to be an affiliate and earn from your contacts.

You will have access to plenty of tutorial videos in our YouTube channel to help you build your knowledge of Wunderbuild. As an affiliate, we will help you bring your client across.

You can track how much money you make through a custom dashboard built just for you.

Payments are made each month for all accounts paid for in the previous month. An invoice must be submitted prior to payment. If you are GST registered, apply GST to the monthly subscription (ex GST).

You will be paid directly to your nominated bank account. It is important to ensure you provide the correct details.

If the user signs for one account the first link used will be credited. If the user signs up twice with different email addresses, the account that gets a paid subscription gets credited with the referral.