Takeoff software, also known as quantity takeoff (QTO) software, is a tool used in the construction industry to estimate the materials and labour required for a project. The software allows for the quick and accurate measurement of materials and labour needed for a project by analysing plans and blueprints.

A takeoff, also known as a quantity takeoff, is the process of identifying and measuring all of the materials and labour required for a construction project. This includes determining the quantity of materials such as concrete, steel, and drywall, as well as the amount of labour required for tasks such as framing and electrical work. The purpose of a takeoff is to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of a project, which is essential for budgeting and project planning.

Takeoff software can significantly speed up the process of estimating by automating many of the tasks that would otherwise be done manually. For example, instead of manually measuring the length and width of each room on a blueprint, takeoff software can quickly and accurately extract the information from digital plans. This can save a significant amount of time, allowing estimators to focus on other important tasks.

Takeoff software can also be customised to suit the specific needs of a company or project. For example, some software allows users to create custom libraries of materials and labour costs, which can be used to quickly generate estimates for specific projects. This can be especially useful for companies that frequently work on similar types of projects, such as residential or commercial construction.

Takeoff software

One of the key benefits of takeoff software is its ability to increase accuracy. By automating the measurement process, the software eliminates the potential for human error. This is especially important for large and complex projects, where even small errors can have a significant impact on the overall cost of the project.

Another benefit of takeoff software is its ability to streamline the estimating process. The software can be integrated with other tools, such as scheduling and project management software, to provide a seamless workflow. This allows for more efficient communication and collaboration among team members, which can ultimately lead to better project outcomes.

Wunderbuild is a construction management software similar to the description above. A complete system that also includes a high quality takeoff tool. An enticing component of Wunderbuild’s takeoff software is its deduction tool. 

To understand why this is a great addition to a take off software we will briefly look at what a deduction tool is. Deduction tools in takeoff software are features that allow users to subtract or remove specific areas or quantities from the overall estimate. These tools can be used to account for areas that will not be included in the final project, such as existing structures that will not be demolished or areas that will be left unfinished.

Examples of deduction tools in takeoff software include:

Area exclusion: This tool allows users to exclude specific areas from the overall estimate by drawing a boundary around them on the blueprint. This can be useful for areas that will not be included in the final project, such as existing structures that will be left intact.

Item removal: This tool allows users to remove specific items from the estimate, such as a certain type of material or labour. This can be useful for items that will not be needed for the project, or for items that have been incorrectly included in the estimate.

Quantity adjustment: This tool allows users to adjust the quantity of specific items in the estimate. This can be useful for items that will not be needed in the same quantity as originally estimated, or for items that have been incorrectly included in the estimate.

Item substitution: This tool allows users to substitute one item for another in the estimate. This can be useful for items that are not available or too expensive, or for items that have been incorrectly included in the estimate.

These tools are useful for getting more accurate and detailed estimates, and are commonly used in the construction industry. They allow estimators to quickly and easily make adjustments to the estimate as needed, without having to manually recalculate the entire estimate.

At Wunderbuild, we strive to make construction estimating faster and more efficient. Our takeoff software is designed to help estimators quickly generate accurate estimates by automating the tedious process of manual measurements. Our software allows users to easily input their own materials and labour costs, making it simpler than ever before to generate accurate cost estimates. 

Another great benefit of utilising Wunderbuild’s takeoff software is that it is linked to your estimations. You start by uploading your floor plan and then scaling it to the software to be able to accurately measure the different areas of your floorplan. Wunderbuild provides various ways to do this such as simply choosing the scale that usually exists on your floor plan as well as the sheet size. This can quickly and efficiently scale and calibrate your plan. You also have the option of drawing a line on your plan according to the scale existing on your plan to calibrate and scale it. 

While looking at your project’s costings, if you would like to add a particular costing item on your estimation to your takeoff it is very easy to do this as the software allows you to switch back and forth bringing up your floor plan allowing you to create and add takeoff items on the fly.  

In conclusion, takeoff software can greatly benefit any construction company by making the estimation process faster, more accurate, and more streamlined. It can also be customised to suit the specific needs of a company and project, leading to better project outcomes and ultimately more profitable business. It’s a wise investment for any company looking to save time and money in the long run.

A good construction software makes use of good project management functionality, estimate and financial/accounting tool functionality, job management, scheduling and planning and support functionalities and more. WunderBuild is a construction management software that aims to provide all of these functionalities and more to bring out the best outcomes for a project. Enquire here today, to learn more about Wunderbuild and start your free trial.

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